Secure Hosting: Critical Part of Business Continuity Plan

When considering disaster and business continuity plans for websites and applications, you have to consider various stressful situations such as natural disasters, equipment and power failures.  You must also consider things like hackers, user error, personnel loss, and dependency failures.

How long can your website or web application be down?  How long can you go without customers visiting, interacting and purchasing things?  How much money will you lose per minute or hour that your site is down?  How many leads will be lost?  Do you have Service Level Agreements with your customers and, if so, are they guaranteed a certain percentage of uptime?  How long can your site be down before that limit is reached?  The answers to these questions will determine your website’s maximized uptime goal.

Let our expert engineers design website or application hosting with a backup and recovery strategy that meets your uptime requirements and satisfies the website and application hosting portion of your business continuity plan.  We offer both standard and custom SLAs to meet your specific business needs. 

Because we own our data center, we own the infrastructure!  Here are some things that are included with all of our Secure Managed Hosting packages:

  1. Continuous Network Monitoring
  2. Redundant Enterprise Switching and Routing
  3. Power Redundancy
  4. Redundant Internet Connectivity with ISP-provided DDoS protection
  5. Weekly Backups – Single Retention
  6. VLAN Segmenting
  7. Intrusion Detection Protection
  8. SSL Certificate

Choose from these add-on services to achieve fully maximized uptime for your website and applications:

  1. Private subnetting to separate your website and application traffic from other Webservio clients
  2. Failover DNS
  3. Multi-Data Center deployment to duplicate and synchronize websites and apps at several geographical locations
  4. Daily Backups with 30, 60, or 90-day retention
  5. Load Balancing among multiple gateways or servers
  6. Expert engineering to identify possible problems, provide recommendations, customize, and secure the hosting environment specifically for your website and applications.

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